2010 Directors Speak

John Weiner’s acceptance message to the Greek Audience,  which awarded “Cryptic” with SFF-RATED AUDIENCE AWARD 2010 FOR BEST FEATURE:

Thanks again for that great news. Love it. Wish I could have been there.
So here it is below. I hope it goes over well.

“For the first 6 months after we finished Cryptic no one liked the film. Unfortunately I’m not joking or exaggerating. Not one friend or family member, not even the editor of the movie. We couldn’t get into one, single festival.
Danny Kuchuck and I made a film that we wanted to see and were proud of, but it seemed like it would sit in a drawer only to be pulled out for new girlfriends to pretend to like. It was a dark time for the rebellion.
But then something happened and we got into our first festival, then another. We started to win awards and now festivals were asking us to show the film.
And now we’ve won our first audience award all the way over there in Athens.
An audience award means the majority of the people appreciated the film.
After those first 6 months, this award has a profound meaning to me.
Thank you so much.” JOHN WEINER

Christine Cheung producer of Becky Preston’s Lovelorn,  accepting the SFF-RATED CONTROVERSY AWARD 2010, and speaking about her experience from visiting SFF-rated and Athens.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the audience for voting for us.

When you screen a film with subtitles you can never tell how the audience will respond. As I sat in the theatre I heard laughter and even someone weeping quietly at the back, people approached me afterwards and paid compliments and kind words – these are the special moments every filmmaker values most.

Having watched some of the other films at the festival the standards were incredible so, we’re very honoured to receive this award and at the same time we are grateful we’ve been given the opportunity to share Lovelorn with you all.

We’d like to thank the SFF team for making us feel so welcome, where filmmakers and film lovers can come together from all over the world and celebrate sci-fi and fantasy films in Athens. And we’d also like to thank Absinthe for those wonderful shots.

We will be raising our glasses in London and drink to the festival for another triumphant year, and we hope to return with more films in the years to come. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart.” CHRISTINE CHEUNG

Anartz Zuazua’s message when he heard that his short film has won the SFF-RATED AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST SHORT 2010

I’m very happy for the award, and i would like to thank  the festival for giving me the possibility to show my short film there. I would like to thank the audience also for the award they conceded me. It´s my first short film as a director and it´s really important to receive this award, because I understand cinema as something made for the audience. Best wishes for the future. Anartz Zuazua

Didier PHILIPPE , director of the tele-romance short fim “Televega” on his visiting experience. We wanted him to write freely – so he wrote in French.

Cher Alecos,

Comme tu m’invites à livrer mes impressions en français, je le fais volontiers dans cette langue, ce qui bien sûr est beaucoup plus facile pour moi. Et tout d’abord je voulais m’excuser de n’avoir pu te répondre plus tôt; j’étais très occupé cette semaine.

Comme je te l’ai dit, j’ai été très impressionné par la qualité de la programmation. Il est rare de voir autant de bons films dans un festival. Les sélectionneurs ont fait un excellent travail, je trouve ; et apparemment, beaucoup de bons réalisateurs ( je ne parle pas de moi évidemment ) ont eu envie de vous envoyer leurs films.
( A ce propos et si je peux livrer un avis personnel, le court-métrage que j’ai le plus aimé est sans aucun doute “Focal Point” pour la qualité de sa mise en scène. )

Pouvoir montrer son travail au public, est évidemment le désir de tout réalisateur et je vous remercie encore, toi et toute l’équipe, de m’avoir permis de le faire. Malgré mon anglais assez sommaire, j’ai pu avoir des échanges entre les projections, discuter des films et des thèmes abordés par les réalisateurs. Je me souviens notamment d’une conversation intéressante sur, ce que j’appellerais, les ” limites du genre fantastique et science-fiction” : comment décider si un film appartient ou non à ce genre. J’ai remarqué que vous aviez une conception large du genre, allant par exemple jusqu’à la comédie absurde ( par exemple “Thank you Mr. President” ) et je trouve que c’est une bonne chose.

Pour un réalisateur c’est important, quand il le peut, d’être présent au festival. Les festivals auxquels j’ai participé m’ont fait progresser dans mon travail. Voir comment le public réagit devant son film et devant les autres films est important. Par exemple, depuis “TéléVéga” j’ai un peu renoncé à faire des choses trop bizarres ( comme des films faits avec des photographies ) car j’ai remarqué que ce n’était pas bien perçu par le public et c’est la raison pour laquelle mon dernier film ( que vous n’avez pas encore vu ) est plus conventionnel, tout en étant original je l’espère.

Voilà en quelques mots mes impressions à l’issue de ce “SFF-Rated 2010”. DIDIER PHILIPPE

Ο Tristan Von Christann, director of the dreamy short film “Manhattan Mermaids”  (seen on the right dancing with a beautiful lady)

(Hey Alecos,

Congratulations and blessings again for your marvelous festival,
You are an absolute angel !
with thousand kisses,
The little something to upload :)

For the 5th year already Alec Papadopoulos and his team set a very strict entry critera for the SFF-rated Film Festival which successfully excludes boredom, mediocrity and the common. The selection is done with great taste, ambition and brings quantities of outstanding works to the screen who are not to be seen elsewhere in such fantastic array. Over five full days Athena forgets all duty with her city fast absynth. …dreams are dancing, shadows laughing, there’s nothing else we need.”

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