Audience Awards (ENG)

This year the SFF-rated ATHENS audience appeared to have no doubts. It saw the well-crafted Philip K. Dick movie (RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH). It saw the existential corporate thriller of Henry Barrial (PIG). It so the reality-turns-nightmare show of  Nevio Marasović (ΤΗΕ SHOW MUST GO ON). And it picked


Screenplay: Damir Lukacevic – Gabi Blauert

Director : Damir Lukacevic

Featuring:B.J. Britt, Regine Nehy, Ingrid Andree

Germany, 2010, 94’, Color.

as Best Feature in SFF-rated ATHENS 2012

It’s not easy for someone to disagree (except of course from the Jury!). Around a theme that is usually molested in bad horror movies, TRANSFER made Body Sale a realistic business opportunity for the future, while not forgetting that, whether we like it or not, we are still dealing with human beings…



The Audience Controversy Award is awarded… unwillingly. How the Audience vote for Best Feature, determines the film that created the most controversial feelings among them. This year the Award was won by


Screenplay: PavelSanaev, Aleksandr Chubaryan

Director : PavelSanaev

Featuring  :Sergey Chirkov, Marina Petrenko, Pavel Priluchnyy

RUSSIA, 2010, 127’, Color.

Many of you surely viewed the movie as some shallow adventure for youngsters. But many of you also must have been swept by the excellent shooting and cut-throat beat, but also from the complex human relationships of love and hate, loyalty and betrayal… it’s Fun and Games or Fan and Games?

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