2010 Audience Awards – Features

The structure was the same: 8 features competing, each was screened twice, the audience rated the films as Very Good, Good, Mediocre, Bad, Very Bad.

But this year, a 2nd award, the “Controversy Award” became official: an award to the film that created the higher divergence in audience ratings. Go here to find all about it. Let’s go back to

Best Feature

In a strikingly similar twist as in last year,  the film leading the race for Best Feature after the first round of screenings, ended up 2nd.

4th came “1”, Hungary, dir. by Pater Sparrow. The Audience liked the intellectual maze that the film created based on Stanislaw Lem’s essay, honed together with poignant performances. We think that the film didn’t progress further with the audience ratings because it lacked a coherent ending – something to give meaning to it all, the absence of which, we must add, makes the film true to its literary origins.

3d came “Strigoi”, UK/Romania, dir. by Faye Jackson. An improbable mix of aesthetics, this “only-the-British”  film  brought together Balkan cinema and British humor, the eastern European culture and the western European rationalization machine. One of my personal favorites from this year.

2nd came “Unremembered”, USA, dir. by Greg Kerr. It was the film’s European Premiere, the Audience honored it accordingly, and it deserved it: Greg Kerr’s take on the time paradoxes was very well thought out, very eloquently explained, very well edited and mixed with the personal tragedies that gave the film its emotional strength. So why it didn’t end up winning the Audience Award for Best Feature?

I dunno. Ask the Audience. That’s the beauty of it: Nobody knows, and nobody can ever really “explain” a vote – only rationalize it. No rationalizing in the land of Science Fiction and Fantasy, so

the SFF-rated 2010 Audience Award for Best Feature went to…

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