2007 aftermath

SFFrated 2ND International Short Film Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Athens March 11, 2007 GREECE


Well, crowds flowed in, and that’s what matters. On the side, our absinth Xenta Absenta cheered everybody, no technical problems arose with the screenings, not one really, and the films were much enjoyed by the audience. How do we know?           

…Because we run a questionnaire with them that contained just one question: “Would you watch this film for a second time?” – to be answered for every short. No pseudo-grading at the individual level, just a “yes” or “no”, and then large numbers and their laws would give an accurate picture.           

Overall, the festival scored a 70% “yes”, which is really disappointing, because given such ratings, we have no option but to run again SFF-rated in 2008!           

Regarding the shorts, 15 out of 20 received a “yes” answer 60% or more, which again, shows that people liked what they saw.

And yes, there was one film that scored higher than all the others.            

So we have an Audience Award!            

And the winner is…

“Cost of Living” by Jonathan Joffe(Canada).

It received a 93,75% in “yes” answers, and it was followed closely by “Judas” (Nicolas Bary- France), and the animation “X” (Raphael Wahl-Germany). Also close and forming the Full House were “La Vie d’ un Chien/The Life of a Dog” (John Harden – USA/France) and “The Grandfather Paradox” (Jean-Francois DaSylva-Canada). For those who have seen all five films, they have one thing in common: they have nothing in common, showing the diverse taste and SFF-aesthetics of the audience.

We should also mention, that, as in 2006, a selection of the best films screened in SFF-rated 2007 were hosted in the Science Fiction Festival of Syros. The screening was unambiguously the most popular event of the SF Syros Festival (a general festival, hosting not only films but literature, discussions, dance, music, painting, comics, and… SF ice-cream!)  

Screen you next year.

Science Fiction Club of Athens

audience-small.jpg The Dark Place         bar-small.jpg The Bar

Xenta 2007 The Absinth Drink: SFF-ing the Audience.

And to prove it to you… here’s a testimony from a director that flew all the way from New York to be with us.

“I feel awful but I grin and bear it for the opening ceremony.
The whole event is sponsored by Absinthe and one of the hostesses offers me a glass.
It’s the real ****.
I down two right after each other and suddenly I don’t have to pretend as much.
A feeling rises in me.
I try to focus on it but we’re being ushered into the theatre.
Blood spurts on the screen like a Jackson Pollock painting and the entire audience howls in ecstasy.
The images begin to blur.
There’s electricity in the crowd.
Chaos rising.
And it climaxes to a three minute standing o.

Dan Przygoda, quoted from his blog or whatever its name is, Director of “Killswitch”, Official Selection at the SFF-rated Festival 2007.

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