About SFF-rated ATHENS

SFF-rated ATHENS, the International Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival of Athens, was founded in 2006 by the Science Fiction Club of Athens, Greece (or “ALEF” for short), which was also the organizer of the festival up to its 8th edition in 2013, after which the festival grew into a separate entity,  maintaining close links and collaboration with ALEF.  SFF-rated ATHENS started out as a retrospective of Greek genre films, but it quickly evolved into a truly international event, always in the SFF-rated land of moving images, because:

Science Fiction & Fantasy is where imagination doesn’t just play the game -it makes the rules. Join us“.

That’s our mission statement. We soak the audience in Absinth(e), too.

Check the Pages and Categories menu to learn about the past events and also about the current one (we are starting to lose count).

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief  Festival Officer


P.S .: This is not a blog. This is not a site. This is a blogsite.

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