2008 Audience Award

The SFF-rated 2008 Audience Award went to the animated short film “ZOMBIE”, dir. Chris Armstrong.

Zombie got a 88,5% score, which is the percentage of the people present that voted “yes” for “Zombie” in the question “Would you watch this film for a 2nd time?”. It was the highest rating among 31 short films competing from all over the world.

“Zombie” had its World Premiere in SFF-rated 2008, something that makes us organizers really proud.

See a still from the film and then read Chris Armstrong’s cv, and perhaps you may understand whence the power of the images came.

After honoring our winner, a table presents all the films that scored 50,00% or higher in the Audience Vote.

Director Crhis Armstrong cv (by his own hand):

I started off my career in animation as an inbetweener at Hanna-Barbera working on such Saturday morning shows as The Flinstones and Scooby Doo.

My early years where spent work on various commercial endeavors in various rolls. Animator, Director, Art Director, etc. I tended towards mixed media (pastels, cut-outs, etc.) rather than traditional animation. That’s what got me working on computers.

I worked for ILM for over eleven years as an an animator. I was an animation supervisor on Attack of the Clones and Galaxy Quest.

Currently I am the Director of Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy Art University. The Department has around 1500 students and close to 50 full time and part time instructors. We cover everything from 2D animation to 3D, modeling, gaming and VFX.

Recently I have returned to what primarily got me into this business in the first place, animated shorts. DogWorries is my first attempt. It was all done on a PowerBook G4 with inexpensive software. It has played at a number of festivals including Ottawa and Philidelphia.
I just finished my new short, Zombie.

I reside with my family in the San Francisco area and when not working spend most of my time not working.

Would you watch this film for a 2nd time?

1 Zombie Chris Armstrong USA 88,51%
2 Operation: Fish Jeff Riley USA 84,21%
3 Droomtijd Tom Van Avermaet BELGIUM 82,14%
4 Shoulder for Hire Dimitris Emmanouilidis GREECE 81,18%
5 EPICAC Will Tully USA 76,19%
6 THE BIG FOREVER Robert Glassford & Timo Langer UNITED KINGDOM 72,29%
7 VICTOR Y LA MAQUINA Carlos Talamanca SPAIN 71,43%
8 Simulacra Tatchapon Lertwirojkul USA 71,08%
9 The Shadow Within Silvana Zancoli ITALY 69,40%
10 The Un-Gone Simon Bovey UNITED KINGDOM 68,29%
11 Absence Kevin Lecomte FRANCE 65,57%
12 Groundfloor Charis Stathopoulos Ch GREECE 65,31%
13 Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre! Robert Cosnahan USA 64,84%
14 The New Life Daniel Giambruno AUSTRALIA 59,26%
15 The Listening Dead Phil Mucci USA 57,95%
16 JAB Keith Lawes UNITED KINGDOM 52,33%
17 Forced Alliance Gerry Santos & Randolph Bookman USA 50,00%

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