2011 Best Awards #1

…when the Best Awards are three and the awarded films just two, then necessarily one of them won two awards: Your Big Favorite, Best Feature & Best Screenplay, was  “8th Wonderland” by Jean Mach & Nicolas Alberny,

… a provocative, consciously “light” and self-questioning look at what will happen if (or better , when) the social networks over Internet transform themselves into virtual countries. The Directors sent the following messages :

Jean MACH: “I already went to Greece several years ago and was delighted to see Athenes, Piraeus, Cyclades islands… Greece is the cradle of culture and you can feel it as soon as you’re lucky enough to visit your fantastic country. One prize and I would have been proud for the rest of my life to be rewarded by such a Festival as the SFF-rated Athens in such a country like yours…2 prizes?! Ok, guys, I’m coming next week to find an apartment and settle in Athens with you!! Thank you so much for this great news. Don’t listen too much Dominique Strauss-Kahn : France loves you!!”

Nicolas ALBERNY: “For 2 prizes, I’ve got 3 words :  Thanks, thanks and thanks. One prize, it was already fantastic. Now you provide us 2, we have the impression to be Greek gods. More seriously, I really appreciate your kindness. I regret not to be with you tonight, but I want to thank the Festival and the audience for the reception our movie got. THANK YOU AGAIN!!”

We want only to add that the two directors are already preparing for “9th Wonderland’!

As for the Best Director Award, this you gave…

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