2011 Audience Comments – Shorts



The animation “The Adjustable Cosmos” dir. Adam Duncan (Australia), which came in 3d for Short Supreme and 4th for Best Short Idea, won also the Audience pens, since people didn’t hold back on positive comments like:


“Ι could watch it over and over again!”

“Could be shorter.  Nevertheless I enjoyed it very much!”

Interesting in this Zone was also the audience reaction to “Salva El Mundo” (Save The World) dir. Borja Echeverria Lamata (Spain):

What business has this short in an SFF Festival?” and “Not SFF!”

Oh really? How the hell did it slip past us, and we included in the SFF-rated ATHENS programme a short where the beings portrayed do everything in the exact reverse order than the human race; What physics or social law permits that?


Here the Audience was rather impressed, with overall comments like:

All were impressively good!” and “Good shorts and clever ideas”.


Here two comments stand out: for the chilling  “File Under Miscellaneous” (dir. Jeff Barnaby, Canada) someone wrote “Frankenstein-ish nazi idea! Cool”

while for “Cekanje” (Waiting), dir. Daniel Beres, Bosnia & Herzegovina, it went “Beautiful idea. Beautiful atmosphere. Beautiful leading actress (!!!)


“All in the DVD” (we assume it applies to the SFF-rated DVD  that will follow, including a selection of shorts from the 2010 and 2011 festival editions)

“Thank you”.


The 5th Zone contained the two shorts awarded by the Audience. And indeed  “Dead On Time” (Short Supreme 2011) received comments such as

“Epic! “, ‘”Congratulations for the Greek movie”, “Audience Applause and for good reason!”, “The Best!!”, “Dead On Time is the best, bravo”, “!!!!!”, “Dead On Time: Acting bad, script bad, idea excellent”, “The Greek was the best”, “Good!”, “Dead On Time! The best of the best!”, “Excellent!”, “Very good! nice scenario”, “Top! And Greek!”, “A masterpiece! Humour and originality! Far ahead from all similar shorts!”

while Tous Les Hommes S’ appellent Robert” (Best Short Idea 2011) had comments like “Audience Applause and for good reason!”“, “Highly Original!”, “Very Nice!”, “Clever Scenario”.

…here too the audience demanded “Include in the DVD!” and concluded “High movie quality. Congratulations”.



The most popular Thematic Short came from the “Creatures” Group. Nevertheless, apart from some ecstatic screams,  The Furred Man (“Unbelievable!”, “Godly!”) was not the one that made the Audience comment. Rather it was  “El Grifo” (The Faucet) dir. Denis Rovira, Spain (a director participating with an earlier short of his in  SFF-rated ATHENS DVD 2006-2009:

“Very Good Idea”, “Excellent”

“Realistic” (implying that it does not belong to the SFF-genre) . “Not of the SFF-genre” another agreed.

But some other hand wrote “I did not understand the motive of the faucet, proving to be tuned to the horror that domestic appliances (should) cause (horror sometimes has no ‘why’, only ‘what’). 

Lastly, another comment went “Copying of the 127 Hours scenario” (Danny Boyle) -and with this one we will totally disagree: there can be no relation between the transformation of the friendly and congenial home environment into a nightmarish trap, just because the faucet felt like it, on the one hand, with the hardship of a mountain-climber on a hostile rock, in the other. The framework “Entrapment and the price for survival” (that characterizes both movies) is a common creative base for hundreds and thousands of works of art. The power of Denis Rovira’s film does not lie in the originality of the scenario but in the way the story of homely terror is filmed.

But it seems that this Zone created argument in general. Another comment was

“Why should we watch a short film for a second time? One time is more than enough!”

And why is that? Do you honestly believe that you can take all there is to take, in the various levels that a movie functions, in just one viewing? Are you sure that you noticed the faucet laughing in El Grifo; That you got all the jokes in The Furred Man; That you guessed correctly which eye of Murdoch is in reality covered; Were all memories kindled watching United Monster Talent Agency; Did you really understand what you saw in Basar Vedam; Have you grasped all the different shades of desperation in the story of brotherly competition and bloody internal strife in  Sisters; Have you really contemplated on what (Christianity) you consider a self-understood part of the culture you were born in, watching De Shadu van Bonifatius?

If “short duration” means “not much content”, then I guess you never listen to a song twice, you only repeat the grand symphonic concerts of classical music.

In SFF-rated ATHENS, short films are important, because in Science Fiction & Fantasy the short format has offered countless masterpieces (short stories and short films). This does NOT hold for the Arts of Realism -there, it is true, the short format is relatively of less importance than the long one. But not here.


Latin Lovers… it was expected that they would create passionate reactions.

“Are we talking about a Sci-Fi film festival, or about latin Soap Opera with Fantastic coating;  The choices of the films were unfortunate.

“Cool guys”, argued another comment.

…while the lonely monster from Brazil  (O Solitario Ataque de Vorgon – Vorgon’s Lonesome Raid, dir. Caio Dandrea) found many sympathizers  – “I want a sequel of  Vorgon”, “We want to watch again Vorgon”…


Here most tensions were created by the short  “Hollywood Forever” dir. Amy Ludwig (USA):

“Certainly, you are joking!”

“Interesting script”,

“Nice script-wise, but directing was a catastrophy”

“We watched it 3”


Here too, differences among the Audience were many.

“No scenario. No imagination”,

“Cute shorts, but not holding up very well in a second round”.

“Mysterious”, “Nice Music”, “Good Photography”,

“All women were exquisite”

Please, DON’T “reach an agreement”. There is nothing more boring in Art than  “agreement”.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer

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