2011 Whisperer WORLD PREMIERE

Back in 2008, when SFF-rated ATHENS was still a 4-day festival, we screened Call of Cthulhu by the H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society. These dedicated friends of one of the greatest writers in the Fantastic genre, re-created the aesthetics of a 1920 silent movie, trying to capture what it could have happened if Lovecraft himself  had overseen the film during his lifetime. The movie was a triumph all over the world -since, truth be told, H.P. Lovecraft was not lucky with earlier adaptation of his works for the screen -most of them cannibalized his subtle work into brute monster movies. But not this one, oh no sir, not this one.  In Greece, where H.P. Lovecraft is highly respected, the Greek Audience  came en masse and sold out the theater that night.

Lowly organizers as we are, looking for the next thing to draw the crowds, for 2011 we stole the WORLD PREMIERE for the new movie made by these fine gentlemen and women:  “The Whisperer In Darkness” will saw the dark of night for the first time in SFF-rated ATHENS . The film is another artistic triumph, recreating this time the 1930 era with subtle play in all shades of grey and black and white -and a talkie, too.

But aside from the screening of the film in SFF-rated ATHENS we will celebrate this World Premiere by organizing, together with the Hellenic American Union ( a bit appropriate, don’t you think?), a pre-game event on Wednesday March 9, where we will screen Call of Cthulhu for the unfortunates that have not seen it, plus appetizing portions of the Whisperer, plus Sean Branney, co-founder of the society and the director of Whisperer in whole, flying in from Los Angeles especially for the World Premiere, to present the movie to the gathering and talk with us all.

Wednesday 9/3/2011

Massalias 22 Hellenic American Union

Go time: 20:00

Free entrance

Those who can and Know, will be there.

Alecos Papadopoulos


  1. YPEROXH TENIA!!!!molis ematha oti kati kerdisa, ama thelete epikinoniste mazi mu sto email pu afisa.
    YPEROXO TO FESTIVAL!!1Efxaristume!!!kai tu xronu!!!

  2. eksairetikh douleia kai gia emena para to o,ti aytes tis hmeres trexw kai me to festival dokimanter thessalonikhs ,einai yperoxo ws epaggelmatias ths kalypsis kinhmatografikwn gegonotwn kai paroysiashs tainiwn, na exw tin eykairia ws fan ths SF na apolambanw to yperoxo festival sas.

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