2009 Audience Comments

The Good, The Bad, and The Weird…

For the eight features that competed for the Audience Award in SFF-rated 2009, and for the four screening Zones of the Short Film Competition, the Audience were given a separate coloured, nicely print paper to cast their votes. With space to comment. And they did comment -almost exclusively on the features, I must add, and so much so that I think next year we are going to have an Audience Comment Competition.

So here it is, translated as best as possible, a comprehensive selection of the Good, the Bad and the outright Weird Audience comments,  that to my opinion, say more of the films than any kind of scoring that resulted in the Audience Award. The films appear in random order. We have included also comments for the three out-of-competition Features. In parenthesis and in italics, sometimes we elaborate or give some info to contextualize the comment.  Enjoy. And think. And imagine.


On “CHEMICAL WEDDING” directed by Julian Doyle


“The last minute touched the boundaries of Science Fiction. The rest of the movie was twisted imagination and a bad attempt at black humor.”

“Professor Hado was great both before and after its transformation. Very good music and very nice the idea of mixing metaphysics with technology (and beautifully given too).”

“Strong performances. British humor. A little confusing at the end. Forever Iron Maiden!”

“A masterpiece… it would be, if it was more funny!”

“Excellent. The reason I came.” (to the festival)

“Occult and scientific knowledge mixed together. A case for further explorations.” (anticipating Julian Doyle’s acceptance speech)

“Our fate: a spirit-flesh debate. Impeccable!”

“…but what the fuck?!?!?!” (while rating the film “very good”)

“Spare us!” (while rating the film “very bad”)

“Excellent theme for a movie, congratulations for the selection of the film to screen in SFF-rated 2009.”

Τhe movie wasn’t subtle enough.”

“Moonchild is werewolf.

“Interestingly weird. Clever ending.”

“Smashed everything.” (while rating the filmvery good”)

“Time is bomb.”

“Unfortunately, it had time-space paradoxes – but it was fun!”

“Funny, amusing, scientifically sound. An excellent film.”

“Pehaps the best b-movie of the 00’s.”

On “NOBODY” directed by Shawn Linden


“Atmospheric, poignant voices, good acting, requires constant focus from the viewer, I would like to see it again.”

“It achieved its target, to create an unsatisfied?/insatiated? audience.” (while rating the filmgood”)

“Was it Sci-Fi? It would work better in comics.”

“I got lost…”

“The system of Non-Logic is revealed…Fantastic!”

“There wasn’t a story here.”

Οn “THE DEAD OUTSIDE” directed by Kerry Anne Mullaney


“Beautiful landscapes.”

“Austere, cold, cruel, grim, like our Present and Future.”

“Wanting in plot and story, I was won over by the atmosphere and the development of characters.”

“Give this girl a budget and she will perform miracles.” (still my favorite comment)

“Scottish shower.” (while rating the film “bad”)

“We haven’t seen such a great b-movie in a long time! Sandra Luise Douglas reigns!”

ΟnΤHE SHADOW WITHIN” directed by Silvana Zancolo


“Excellent choice of locations. Great photography. The kid was very good. The mother… unbelievably CRUEL. A movie tender and cruel at the same time.”


“The best feature of the festival.”

ΟnSHADOWLAND” directed by Wyatt Weed


“A spot-on allegory about the current economic crisis. The sexes-centered core of the movie was, I think, deliberately down-played (the dead-end bi-polic nature of the modern woman of the Western World, pressed between the boring approach of sour men and her murderous enthusiasm for the One, the dedicated hunter-priest). Almost a masterpiece… I would write more but there is no more space.” (there is always the flip side of the page)

“Jesus Christ!!!” (while rating the film “very bad”)

“Her teeth sprung out and she was saved…” (while rating the film “very good”)

“Wow! What to mention? Editing? Flashback? Acting? Story? Beats Aggelopoulos any time! As for the lady, she upset and excited all of us ladies!” (while rating the filmvery good”. Theodoros Aggelopoulos is considered by many to be the top living Greek director working in Greece)

“A magical movie. The most subversive vampire-comedy I have ever seen (I have seen two more).”

“The subversion of the mythos was nice.”

“It reminded me of old English and American movies, many Olympic Games ago.”

Οn “WALLED IN” directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner


“It resembles the lore of “The Arch Bridge of Arta” (A Greek traditional lore where the Chief Craftsman was forced to “wall in” his own wife to the foundations of an arch-bridge he was building near the north-western town of Arta in Greece, in order for the bridge to stand)

“A minimalistic version of the despotic role of post-modern, and especially Bauhaus, aesthetics which trap the social time-space in an artificial but nevertheless real architectural equivalent of the role of the state -as defined by (Max) Weber- and its restrictive role. Mischa Barton is a good-looking babe.”

Τrue Story!!!

Stressful!!!” (while rating the filmvery good”)

“Cheap, but not in a classic b-movie way, but in a ‘video-club’ kind of way.”

“A Fantasy movie, although its theme does not fall so much into the sphere of Imagination – on the contrary, I would say.”

On “A HERCEG HALADEKA” directed by Peter Timar


“Clever idea, a successful comment on human relationships.”


“The most original movie I have seen in years”.

“Nice and clever movie. Happily, it didn’t have a classic happy-end!”

Οn “DARK SPIRITS” directed by Huck Keppler


“Despite the low budget, the atmosphere was perfect”.

“Very good work… it needs a lot of work –as a country” (referring to Czechia)

“The 11 dimensions of the Elegant Universe tangle with the intangible-tangible underworld in a matrix of Timeless Synchronicity and Fantasy… in godless post-communist Prague…”

Long Live Czechia!” (while rating the filmvery bad”)

“Splendidly atmospheric, mystical, scary. Fear lurks in every scene. Prague is the most suitable, impressive background. The only thing that didn’t fit in, was the hair-colour of the heroine. A blonde??”


Οn “GRACE” directed by Paul Solet


“Morbid.” (with a shining face)

“Did Solet’s mother see this?”

“A harsh comment on a society immersed in the female.”

Οn “YESTERDAY” directed by Robert Grant


” No need for the zombies. The film proved that we can eat each other anytime, anyplace, just for kicks”.

“Did anybody else mentioned the underlying humour and fun in this movie?”

“Romero can retire peacefully now, knowing that his legacy has passed on”.

Οn “BUMBA ATOMIKA” directed by Michele Senesi


“Can we have the wine-list please?”


“Atomic bomb, indeed”.


Screening Zone 1

“The element that characterizes the Fantastic Arts, is Surprise. If  it’s gone, what’s left? No, I wouldn’t want to see any of these shorts again, no matter how interesting they are, unless they have to teach me something.”

Screening Zone 2

“Unusual movies that I would like to see again.”

Screening Zone 3

Well-organized event. Nice People. Clean booze. Felicitations!”

Screening Zone 4

“It would be nice to have English subtitles also.”


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