2010 Audience Comments



Comments are presented in as faithful a translation as possible -and then, go figure. In bold letters and in parentheses the film’s evaluation from the viewer that wrote the comment (Very Bad, Bad, Mediocre/OK, Good, Very Good).


Directed by: Danny Kuchuk & John Weiner (USA, 2009, 83’, Color)

Change the past, before past fucks you! Original, paranoid concept!  (Very Good)

A negative point is America’s obsession with Happy End! On the positive side, directing!   (Good)

No beat, a little naive, good story, good for a first-timer, very good ending!  (Mediocre/OK)

Attempting something similar to the movie“Frequency”, Cryptic succeeded  in offering a realistic approach to the time-space issue. The movie proved that if there is a good scenario, a low-budget movie can be as good as a big production. I also spotted similarities with the scenario of “Buttefly Effect”.  (Good)

The interaction between future and past was clever. No nerve. Shallow characters.  (Mediocre/OK)

But the only way out is to kill the bad guy; Typically American.  (Good)

Perfect!   (Very Good)


Directed by: Becky Preston (United Kingdom, 2010, 86’, Color)

Excellent. Very good directing, nice photography, strong text.  (Very Good)

Unacceptable choice for a festival. No cohesion and non-existent performances. It is really difficult to follow the film even through to its  middle. (Very Bad)

Love Never Dies.  (Very Good)

Bad acting,  songs, costumes, dialogues, scenario. (Very Bad)

Distinctively emotional and British. (Very Good)

“Sweet”, “romantic”, “sensitive”, idealized spiritual explorations. Good if you are a 23-year old woman (I’m not).  (Bad)

In  an unexplored world, Becky Preston found a way to create a story. She enriched the dialogues with well-known sayings, making them more accessible. (Very Good)

The film  was shallow and had not one original or interesting feature. Actors were flat and the music bad. The dialogues were badly written. (Very Bad)

From photography to the very last word, it was very beautiful! (Very Good)


Directed by: Greg Kerr (USA 2009, 96’, Color)

Fabulous! (Very Good)

Paranoia… Yes! (Very Good)

I wonder why it has won two awards. (Very Bad)

Out of this timeline!  (Very Good )

Tea! Should I make some?  (Bad)

Incredible in its every moment. (Very Good)

It wasn’t even a movie. Shame! (Bad)

Help me Tina!  (Mediocre/OK)

I didn’t vote “very good” because it was beyond my intellectual capabilities!  (Good)

Excellent plot. Effective special effects to visualize the director’s ideas about space-time anomalies. Lots of  plot twists. Pure delight.  (Very Good)


Directed by: Faye Jackson (United Kingdom/Romania 2009, 105’, Color)

The Orient rocks! (you must see “Zift”-Bulgaria)   (Very Good)

Fucking communists.   (Very Good)

Very good humor, music, shooting. Excellent!  (Good)

Excellent casting and dialogues.  (Very Good)

Incredibly good  black humor.  (Very Good)

Very (Very Good)

To me it looked more like black comedy. (Very Good)

Nice music.   (Bad)

Fucking communists.   (Good)

I especially liked the 1st part. It was fun, it had nice music and… political opinion regarding Romanian matters.  Oh, and a very nice accent! Grandpa reigns! (Good)


(note: no negative written comment was found for Strigoi).


Directed by: Pater Sparrow (HUNGARY, 2009, 91’, Color)

How terrible is to understand “Wholeness”, personal and worldly, so as to justify the existence of an interrogator? The film treats this knowledge as taboo. The content of the book “1” is the contemporary concept of one plane of the sphere. Chaos mathematics. Everything is encompassed in Unity (and many more).   (Very Good)

Too much pseudo-philosophy to be worthy. (Mediocre/OK)

A masterpiece, but our brain burnt out. Twisted ingenuity…  (Very Good)

Marvelous! High Quality thinking (god bless Stanislaw Lem), with very good shooting. Reality-Imagination: mark 2!   (note: meaning that in this game, imagination won) (Very Good)


Directed by: Kanji Nakajima (ΙΑΠΩΝΙΑ  2008, 110’, Color)

The film which, when we will have acquired the knowledge about DNA and the Universe, it will remind us  that we should build an inner moral code.  (Very Good)

Too slow for my taste. (Mediocre/OK)

Best viewed under the influence of marijuana. (Good)

Deeply lyrical and emotional, like a 21st century Kawabata!   (Very Good) (note: Yasunari Kawabata, Japanese writer, Literature Nobel Prize, 1968)

Really relaxing film. After the first half-hour you go into deep sleep!!! (Very Bad)

Beautiful  music, very  nice photography, good acting, original story although it reminded me of this year’s  “MOON” -obviously MOON was inspired by the CLONE. (Good)

It must find theatrical distribution! (Very Good)


Directed By: Jason & Matt Shumway (USA 2009, 43’, Color)

Excellent scenario. Impeccable effects. Good actors.  (Very Good )

Waste of time! Shit happens! (Very Bad )

Great cult movie. Paired with Gousgounis would create the perfect film. (Very Good) (note: Gousgounis is a Greek cult comical-soft porn actor)

What kind of trash was that; (Very Bad)

Very  good movie. It could have been an episode in a tv serial. Good scenario and good dialogues. It would have been nice if it was longer. (Very Good)


Directed by: Roland Vranik (HUNGARY, 2009, 90’, Color)

A bit heavy to stomach, but interesting!!   (Good)

Unbearable alienation. Sick. (Mediocre/OK)

Interesting photography. (Good)

Depressing.  (Mediocre/OK)

Nerveless. The idea of electric appliances having mysteriously stopped working wasn’t sufficiently explored.  In the hands of a Japanese director it would have make a first-class thriller. (Bad)

Too slow, show some mercy!!! (Bad)

Television is people’s opium. Very good movie, it doesn’t focus on the technological idea that starts the story, but explores the characters, the alternative options -at the end, “life goes on”. Strong movie, probing under the surface. (Very Good)


(note: as has happened in last year too, here comments are sparse. At the end of each comment, we provide the viewer votes – in short films the spectators vote either “yes” or “no”).


CORPORATE  had a clever scenario. I liked SAMARITAN best.  (YES to both films)

Νο comments    (YES to 5 out of the 6 shorts that screened in that Zone)


Ad Aeternum: better sleepwalking than daydreaming…  (YES)

Really good idea this festival, and ALEF’s staff was very attending (note: ALEF is the Sci-fi club that organizes SFF-rated) (3 YES in 5 shorts)


Maquetas (comments from various spectators merged): Excellent! Proof that you don’t need expensive special effects. A clever idea and a little  imagination are enough. Very Good. Maquetas Rocks! Brilliant!

They were all very enjoyable (but only 4 YES in 7 shorts)

Everything was great! (5 YES in 7 shorts)

Thematic Group: ANIMATED SOULS

Waiting for «Τrolley Babies».


CHRONOSCOPE was the Best of All!

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