2011 Best Awards #2

…to this gentleman, that goes by the name of Sean Branney,

for his directing in the Feature

What? To our official guest, in the World Premiere of his movie, you gave only the Best Director Award? Well, it’s your awards. Obviously, the “it happens tomorrow” frenzy of  “8th Wonderland” was irresistible -but you recognized the virtuosity of Branney in bringing to life the 30’s atmosphere, as well as, and most importantly, in bringing with flawless success to the Big Screen the difficult H.P. Lovecraft.

Sean Branney learned the news after he had returned to Los Angeles, and this is his message:

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Alecos, Angelo and the audiences of the SFF-Rated festival for the tremendous honor of the Best Director audience award. It takes a team to make a movie, and I would like to offer my thanks to Andrew Leman, David Robertson, our great cast and the many talented people who were involved in the making of The Whisperer in Darkness. It was an honor and a privilege to visit Athens, attend the screening, and meet some of you in person. We appreciate your support of sci-fi and fantasy films and hope all things Fantastic will continue to thrive in Athens.”

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