The Feature that won

…this guy.


…which was directed by that guy


Indeed, “Chemical Wedding” (United Kingdom) dir. by (Monty Python) Julian Doyle won the Audience Award for Best Feature. Unfair, you could say, Aleister Crowley surely must have influenced the audience vote through Magick…

The film won also the -unofficial- “Controversy Award”, meaning that it had the higher percentage of votes in the extremes… but the positive extreme was more than enough to overturn the initial lead of “Walled In” and win.

Julian Doyle visited us but couldn’t stay Wednesday night to personally accept the Award. But he sms-ed us his acceptance speech and we read aloud a translation of it. It goes like this:

“I have always believed that you can be entertaining, adventurous, funny and sometimes very silly and still be dealing with interesting and intelligent ideas. I thank you all for making me feel we succeeded in being entertaining and funny and sometimes very, very silly. I hope also that some of the ideas I was trying to deal with -from quantum physics to secret organizations to biblical history will stay with you in contemplation and stimulate further investigations in the future.”

Julian Doyle March 18, 2009


  1. Bravo, Mr. Doyle! Now can we please have some more photos, especially with the glamorous ladies? :-) Do you have any pictures with The Glitch poster in the shot, Alecos? I’d love to put one on my website, if I may. Thanks again for all the updates. Wish I could have been there in person.

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