Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 16, 2014

2014 Final Selection & Screening Schedule

SFF 2014 POSTER  2 web sized(This is for our foreign filmmakers, the people whose work permits this festival to exist).

Do you think it’s funny, turning your hard work into our festival (as Joe Strummer used not to sing)?

Well, it’s not. Why? Is it because of the many hours of volunteered work? No. Is it because we encounter all shorts of problems, technical, procedural, emotional, and sometimes even political? No. Is it because the films that you submit to us are mostly worthless, and we have to endure them just to honor our ethical contract with you and be able to reject them with a clean consciousness? No. It is the opposite: the films that you submit to us every year give us the hardest time of our yearly lives, because, always, and I mean always, the really good ones are more in numbers and duration than we can possibly screen in SFF-rated ATHENS. “Go get yourselves more Big Screens” I hear somebody shouting, but it is never as simple as that.

A few minutes ago, I personally touched the “reject” button for the last batch of shorts that have been submitted to us and had not yet been officially notified. And I had to reject some really good short films, really Fantastic, really Science Fiction, really serious film-making. But I am fed up with that. And since in SFF-rated ATHENS we screen what we damn like, and we make the rules we damn want, I decided to create a new rule for this festival: let’s call it the Transfer Rule: starting from this cycle of submissions, some films will be transferred automatically to the next cycle, for our next edition. This means that these films will be automatically reconsidered for selection next year, without the need to be re-submitted to us. As far as I know, Internet  Submission Platforms (this is what “ISP” actually means), do not offer this functionality. So from those of you that see your film as “rejected” in our web listings, some will receive a direct e-mail (after this edition is finished of course), notifying you that your film will be reconsidered for selection in our next edition.

Now that I got that off my chest, below you will find the compact 2-page Screening Schedule for our current edition, and if you go to this page, you can download it in .pdf also. And remember: Imagination -or Death.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer

SFF-rated 2014 ENG Screening Schedule_Page_1

SFF-rated 2014 ENG Screening Schedule_Page_2

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