Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 7, 2013

Fighting for Screening Time

Australian_assault_on_pillbox,_January_1943,_Papua,_Giropa_PointThe funny thing is, it is not the films that fight for screening time, it is we that fight for them. In short: we had too many good shorts this year, and we are trying hard not to leave something really good out of our programme. We will eventually fail – but the fight will be honorable. Already 31 shorts have been selected and their creators notified, and we reckon our forces will have supplies till the weekend. Then, we will have to surrender to the master of all – time.

So in a few days, the official Selection of SFF-rated ATHENS 2013 will be made public.

…just in time for our moved dates April 11-17 with a prospect to start one day earlier as last year – if an avant premiere deal is sealed.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer



  1. Hi!
    Is there any news about the 2013 Selection?
    (I don’t have any notifications on my Withoutabox Submissions Status page…)


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