Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | January 6, 2013

Submission period is over – now for the Inquisition

Artist’s_impression_of_a_gamma-ray_burst_shining_through_two_young_galaxies_in_the_early_UniverseHappy future year everybody – since most of 2013 still lies ahead…

Now that the world has ended, there can be no sin – these are (adjusted to the occasion) lyrics from a Sex Pistols song  and they also had another song titled “Submission” – which reminds me to announce to you all that “Submission period is over”. More than 300 shorts these year, thank you very much indeed (UK English)

One of the submitters even called SFF-rated ATHENS prestigious“, which really got me worried. Are we going prestigious?  Is this what happens to film festivals when they grow old? Or bold?

Maybe “press-T-juice” would be more accurate: imagine a wasteland (AUS English ) with technology left-overs here and there, like soda (US English) vending machines, and regressed humans communicating to each other that if you push this button a liquid will flow – press-T-juice would be a perfectly valid way for a present-day screenwriter to indicate what matters in a world stripped to essentials: you do something – and something else happens as a consequence: press-T-juice. Right. And I haven’t even told you how many delight-distaste/ful Features we are going through at the moment.

In short, it’s going to be long. We will try to honour (UK English) our end-of-January deadline for announcing our final Selection – but this is the one promise it seems we keep breaking (a little) every year. All others are kept. If you doubt that, come over for our 8th year of films that will hurt your brain – to the benefit of everybody.

We’ll be posting.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer


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