Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | February 4, 2012

Reject – Eject – Dissect – Inject

We have started to send rejection notifications. As in the past years, we do not communicate them by personal mails, you will have to check your submission status to the web platforms we use. To send to more than 200 people the same polite cliches in order to say no, it would be bad taste, to say the least. There is not a nice way to do that, there is only an honest way: we may have hated a film, or we may have cursed the fact that a good idea went south due to sloppy film making or acting (but south it went), or the film had really nothing to do with Science Fiction and Fantasy, and finally, in an impressive amount of cases, the film was too long for what it had to say and/or show: this last bit is our honest advice to film makers: Make it Shorter. Short or Feature, make it shorter. Consider it a mantra. It is not about attention span or festival programming rigidities: Time on-screen is too damn demanding, especially on the Big Screen.  So make it shorter.

We have also started to notify those that will screen with us this year -but this happier activity will take a few more days to complete. So bear with us, you may still screen with us.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer


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