Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 10, 2010

SFF-rated 2010 Day #6 (bilingual)

Έκανε κρύο σήμερα και μας έπιασε πείνα (δες photo). H μέρα με τα τέσσερα μεγάλα κύλησε κανονικά, με τον κόσμο να έρχεται σε δύο δόσεις, οι απογευματινοί (μπας και βγάλουν άκρη με το “ΟΛΑ Σ’ ΕΝΑ”, και αφού βγάλουν ή δεν βγάλουν, να το ρίξουν έξω με το “ΘΑΝΑΣΙΜΟ ΑΙΝΙΓΜΑ”), και οι βραδυνοί για το σαρδόνιο “STRIGOI”

και τα φουρτουνιασμένα ΚΥΜΑΤΑ ΤΟΥ ΧΡΟΝΟΥ, με τα οποία ολοκληρώθηκαν οι προβολές του Διαγωνιστικού Μεγάλου Μήκους, και σε λίγο θα ξέρουμε ποια ταινία πήρε το Βραβείο Κοινού.

Και θα το ανακοινώσουμε αύριο.

Foreign Correspondence: Tonight it was Features Only, with four of the eight Competition Features in their 2nd screening aiming for the Audience Award. People tried hard to understand what goes on in Pater Sparrow’s “1”, not really succeeding but enjoying the movie nevertheless, and then having a space-y good time  with “Enigmaby Shumway Bros. A second wave of spectators came to laugh with the fine humor of STRIGOI, Faye Jackson’s British take on Romania’s everyday-vampire-folklore, and to memorize  Greg Kerr’s “UNREMEMBERED”,  a film that could only have been shot by someone with a SCIentific inclination, an ability with FIction, and certain guts to narrate such a devastating story.

In a while, we will know the winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature (they can actually turned out to be two of them, but you have to wait another 24 hours for this last-minute inspiration of yours truly).

And we will announce it tomorrow, after our invited Greek Directors lay it out for the audience, in words this time. And then we are going to eat Mystic Pizza (made with cannabis sativa), drink Absinth(e) and dance. And start thinking about SFF-rated 2011. Yes, once more, it’s called obsession.

Alecos Papadopoulos

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