Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | December 26, 2009

When it rains… it pours

We were silent for more than a while… this is because  for the SFF-rated 2010, more than 400 short films & features were submitted, three times more than for the 2009 edition. Thanks everybody for your interest and your support of SFF-rated, but as usual, as the numbers grow, good and bad things happen:

THE BAD THINGS: This year we won’t be able to reply personally to all of you who submitted but won’t finally make it to the SFF-rated screenings. So remember, a rejection has more to do with our aesthetic decisions rather than with yours. With our preconceptions and desires for our festival rather with how well thought and shot was your movie. Everybody is welcome to try again for the 2011 edition. We’ ll be around.

THE GOOD THINGS: How about, more variety, more countries, higher quality? It’s going to be really tough to arrive at our final slate, but it should (and will) be the best SFF-rated so far.

Notifications will soon start to be sent. So be alert! SFF-rated Athens may be coming your way!

Alecos Papadooulos

Chief Festival Officer


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