Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | September 12, 2009

A Postal mishap (that has been fixed!)

Update 29/9/2009: The Greek Post managed to find the dvd mentioned below, and it was delivered to us. So no problem, no need to do anything on the matter.

ORIGINAL POST: We have received notification from the Greek Post to go pick up an envelope sent from the US by REGISTERED MAIL. We went, but they couldn’t find the package. It has entered Greece but then got lost.

The Registered Mail number is RR 43 23 42 489 US.

US Submitters, we apologize on behalf of our Postal Service. You can go to your local postal service with your receipt and ask them to file a formal query with the Greek Post – there may be idemnification, since it was a registered mail.

Submission period will be open for 3 more months, so you may wait a while in case the package is found, before you re-send your film.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer


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