Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 18, 2009

SFF-rated Day#6 Tue 17/3

Tonight was Features only, and in my opinion,  four very good and interesting movies… and people seemed to agree, because they came in numbers equal to those we had  on Saturday night… something that cleared for good the issue of whether SFF-rated has the potential to run for a whole week (it has it, in case you didn’t get the message).

Marya Mazor and Ryan Uzilevsky had their radio interviews tonight in the 105,5 radio (both their shorts screen tomorrow), and Julian Doyle introduced in person his film “Chemical Wedding” and stayed on at the end to answer questions and have a lively conversation with the audience.

…and the voting for the Audience Award for Best Feature ended tonight. And I just finished counting the results. And there were dramatic turns in the positioning of the films compared to what the situation was after the first round of screenings

So we have a date, tomorrow (today, actually), for our two farewel short-film screenings zones, the second screening (as in “second coming”) of Paul Solet’s GRACE… and the announcement and re-play of the one short and the one feature that won the Audience Awards. See you there.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer


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