Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 16, 2009

SFF-rated 2009 Day#4 Sun 15/3

…But there is a price to pay when you screen world premieres -the gods of exclusivity and of the rat race will punish you: so I must say that today’s audience is not as far-reaching (in length, if put one next to the other) as I would want them to be. Still, the second and final day of the Short Film Competition receives the attention it deserves, and the night closes with the second screening of “Shadowland”, where opinions continue to vary wildly.

In between, we have welcomed Julian Doyle, director of  “Chemical Wedding”. Julian is in a good spirits but wonders why the fellows back in England do not get the humor in his film. Tomorrow we will try to find out in the scheduled radio interview.

Later on, after the  fourth day of SFF-rated Athens 2009 has trully ended, and Terra Incognita awaits us (Monday will be our first 5th day ever), I face my laptop screen in the dead of night (give or take some car exhaustion and some human screams), and I find comfort in working out the results of the voting for the Audience Award for Best Short. And yes, I know who won -but I won’t tell you. It ‘ll have to wait until Wednesday -only one other person will learn, in case I drop dead before then. I mean, get cemented – depends on who your architect is.

Alecos Papadopoulos

Chief Festival Officer

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