Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | April 14, 2008

SFF-rated 2008 Day 4 & Audience Award Winner

Well, as with all good things, it eventually ended. Day 4 was the main Short Film Competition day, where 23 shorts screened and competed for the Audience Award (see previous posts on how the Audience Award is awarded). It was also the day that the Official Guest of SFF-rated screened, the documentary “The Last Line”, a clear look at long-time STAR WARS fans on the conclusion of the famous series. The day being a Sunday, we didn’t expect a Sold-Out, and we didn’t get one. But we got 3/4, just fine.

The screenings went smoothly, the Audience duly voted, and the Audience Award goes to…

“Zombie” (USA) dir. Crhis Armstrong

… an animated short about current everyday life with fine sarcastic humour, with which apparently the Audience connected most, a short that proves the old aphorism, that Sci-fi & Fantasy deal mainly with the present, and not with the future. And shoud we mentioned that it was a World Premiere?!

We will report later in more detail on the Audience Award and how the other shorts did with the Greek Audience.

And in a day or two, a full Aftermath of the event, complete with photos and paraphernalia, will be uploaded.

It was a great experience, by far the most successful SFF-rated to date, and we are already planning for SFF-rated 2009.


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