Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | April 13, 2008

SFF-rated 2008 (what a) Day (!) 3

Ok. Scrap my previous posts on Day 1 and Day 2 as shameless propaganda. We thought that Saturday & Sunday (Days 3 & 4) would be the strong days of SFF-rated, but hey, anybody even slightly connected to the show business would tell you that you NEVER forecast a SOLD OUT, before it actually happens. And a Sold Out, is what hapened tonight at the 200-seat movie theater MIKROKOSMOS. By the time the Short-film screening zone started, the house was full, and there were also a few people standing.

The higlights of the evening judging from the audience responses:

“Stripped!” by dir. Mark Jackson, a two-and-a-half hilarious comedy/sci-fi short… but, hey, wait a minute: this short is shorter than the 3-minute threshold in SFF-rated regulations… and it’s not even in the programme!… You are absolutely right on both counts. You see, this excellent pun was the Surprise Screening of SFF-rated, announced to nobody beforehand, not even as an anonymous surprise screening. The audience just loved it, and we had to delay the rest of the screenings to give them a chance to regulate their breath.

“Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre!” of dir. Robert Cosnahan,  stood out of the eight (scheduled) shorts screened under the umbrella “Ghosts & Monsters”, not jut because of its maverick plot twist, but also because of its ruthless camera and cut-throat editing.

And at the end, the artistic triumph of “Call of Cthulhu“, dir. Andrew Leman, for the first time with greek subtitles (they don’t exist in the commercial dvd), screened in absolute silence. I think that that 200+ people that saw it, are still silent.

Don’t forget: The next post will be about the main Competition screenings of SFF-rated, and about the Audience Award, and who among our filmmakers won it.

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