Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 22, 2008

SFF-rated 2008 The Audience AWARD

We believe that festivals happen because there exist artists that create works of art, and people that want to communicate with them (the works of art, that is). That’s why in SFF-rated we have one award only: The Audience Award. This year, it is accompanied by a 500 euro cash prize. But how exactly is the Award to be awarded? 

Both on the Saturday 12/4 screening “Ghosts & Monstres” as well as on Sunday 13/4 (see previous post on Screening Scedule), we will hand out to the audience a questionnaire that will contain only one question, to be answered for every short: 

“Would you view this film for a second time?” YES – NO.

 You see, we like straight answres. To the maybes, ah…s, perhapses, it was okays, don’t know yets etc, we say NO. We ask for your final opinion, not for your internal negotiations in order to arrive at one.  

Inbetween the shorts, the lights of the theater will go up for a few seconds, in order to clean your eyes for the next -and usually totally different- short. We suggest that during this informal break, you answer the question for the short that just ended. After all, it is not a question that requires from you to compare movies. 

Saturday questionnaires will be collected before the feature “Call of Cthulhu”. 

Sunday questionnaires will be collected just after the end of the Competition screenings. While we will be going about them, the Official Guest of the festival, the documentary “THE LAST LINE”, will screen.

Immediately afterwards, we will announce the five shorts that proved to be the most popular, and we will screen again the winner.

That’s the deal. Make it count. 


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