Posted by: Alecos Papadopoulos | March 6, 2008

SFF-rated 2008 Summary Screening Schedule

Usually, it is Feature Film Festivals that decide to offer some space to the Short Film aficionados… well, in SFF-rated, it goes the other way around. For SFF-rated 2008, we decided to host some feature films. Six, to be exact. As a favor. Five of them are among the best and most interesting Sci-Fi films of the ’50s era. The sixth is the magnificent “Call of Cthulhu”, a great artistic achievement by the H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society. The famous HPL short story was shot in film recreating the Silent Film era, and has generated critical acclaim, crowded venues, audience enthusiasm and liberating terror all over the world, together with some respected prizes.

These six features accompany handsomly the 38 shorts that will be hosted in SFF-rated this year, almost double in number than in 2007, and, honestly, more inspired, challenging, and a sight to see than ever. Many of them have a succeful carreer in International Festival, and some will have their World Premiere in SFF-rated 2008.

So here it is, a compact Screening Schedule for the 4 days that may not change your life, but it sure must change your plans for that (extended) weekend.

Thursday April 10th

Start hours

Earth vs Flying Saucers 20:30
Short Films / Greek retrospective I 22:00
The Day the Earth Stood Still 23:10
Friday April 11th

Start hours

It Came from Outer Space 20:30
Short Films / Greek retrospective II 22:00
The Mysterians 23:10
Saturday April 12th

Start hours

I Married a Monster from Outer Space 20:30
Short Films / Ghosts & Monsters 22:00
Call of Cthulhu 23:40
Sunday April 13th

Start hours

Short Film Competition 18:00
Audience Award Ceremony 23:30

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